Pigeon RB300 is available!

Pigeon RB300 is available! The world’s first rugged automation controller with Raspberry Pi Compute Module and UPS on board!

The new Raspbian image is released for Pigeon computers

The new image features:  based on Raspbian Jessie Lite 2016-09-23 (Raspbian 8.0),  kernel 4.4.26+ (no Dirty COW bug),  updated BCM2835 watchdog driver,  added udev rule for RS-485 device (/dev/ttyRS485). The image file  2016-11-07-raspbian-jessie-Pigeon-RB100.7z.

Buildroot with Pigeon computers tutorial

We have prepared a tutorial on how to build small custom-built Linux system for Pigeon computers using Buildroot.

Pigeon has landed!

Pigeon RB100 is available now. Orders can be placed in our e-shop: shop.kristech.eu