Pigeon computers are designed, developed, and manufactured by KRISTECH in Poland.

The KRISTECH company was established in 2004. Since its inception, our company has specialized in the design of microprocessor devices. The founder of the company is Krzysztof Kajstura, Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering with a specialization in digital circuits.

In the early stages of our operations, we offered comprehensive services in the design and production of electronic devices. Additionally, we served as the official distributor for several companies providing development tools for microprocessor device designers. Our focus was on developing unique solutions tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. During this phase, we developed products for automation, monitoring, and control systems.

Our services cover every stage of product development, including schematic design, printed circuit board layout, software development, prototyping, EMC and functional testing, and final product manufacturing. We have cultivated long-term partnerships with reputable companies, primarily from the European Union, ensuring the high quality of our end products.

In 2015, we introduced the Pigeon computer. Pigeon computers are a family of industrial computers designed for automation and control systems. We presently offer a variety of computer models and continuously innovate by developing new ones. Additionally, we provide customization services to tailor the hardware specifications of Pigeon computers to individual customer requirements.

Our key strengths are our passion for creation, competence, and creativity. Designing microprocessor systems is not just our profession but our passion. We embrace new challenges and consistently enhance our qualifications. We invite you to collaborate with us.