New product: Pigeon RB700

After the success of our previous Pigeon industrial computer models, it’s time to announce a new model. We proudly present our new computer designed for use in industrial control and automation systems Pigeon RB700.

Pigeon RB700 is powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and Linux system. RB700 model is available in three versions: ESSENCE, STANDARD, and ADVANCE. The versions differ in the number of available interfaces. All versions have the following interfaces: two RS-485, two Ethernet, CAN FD, 1-WIRE, RS-232, 12 digital inputs (8 optoisolated, 4 dry contacts) and 8 digital outputs.



The ESSENCE version is the simplest and does not have UPS, HDMI, analog I/O, and TPM compared to the STANDARD version.



The STANDARD version has built-in UPS based on supercapacitors ensures elimination of short power interruptions and safe system shutdown. The UPS is controlled by the microcontroller, which ensures the restart of the system in the event of the return of the power supply.



The ADVANCE version, compared to the STANDARD version, has two M.2 connectors and two additional RS-232 ports.


M.2 connectors allow mounting a modem with support for dual SIM and SSD disk or any other module that supports PCIe 2.0.

More information can be found on the product pages:
RB700 Essence,
RB700 Standard,
RB700 Advance.