Power control

+5V control

The total current of all USB +5V output and +5V DC connector output should not exceed 1A. To control +5V outputs Pigeon uses power switches with following features:

  • overcurrent, overheating and short-circuit protection,
  • undervoltage lockout,
  • reverse current protection.

If the load fault persists beyond the 10 ms, the FAULT output of switch asserts low. FAULT output is connected to GPIO43. GPIO43 = 1 means that all is fine. GPIO43 = 0 means that fault condition is detected (short-circuit, overcurrent, overheating or undervoltage).

To turn off +5V voltage set GPIO29 to high. This voltage is connected to all USB host port, +5V output, I2C/1-wire chip and CAN transceiver. Please remember that when you turn off +5V voltage, you turn off power all this devices.