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RB700 Advance RS-232


Pigeon RB700 Advance has three RS-232 ports. By default, the first Pigeon RS-232 serial port (/dev/ttyRS232-1) is configured to be used for the console.

The following parameters are needed to connect to the Pigeon console:

  • Baud rate: 115200 bps
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Flow Control: none

RS-232 ports is available under Linux as:

  • /dev/ttyRS232-1 (/dev/ttyAMA0),
  • /dev/ttyRS232-2,
  • /dev/ttyRS232-3.

Useful commands

Check the port settings

stty -a -F /dev/ttyRS232-2

Send data to the RS-232 port

echo "test" > /dev/ttyRS232-2

Read data from RS-232 port

cat /dev/ttyRS232-2

Disable RS-232 port console

To be able to use the first RS-232 port to connect and talk to other devices, the serial port console login needs to be disabled. The easiest way to do that is to use raspi-config:

  • run raspi-config,
  • navigate to Interface Options,
  • navigate to Serial,
  • select "No".

Warning! After reboot serial console will not be available, so the only way to access to login shell will be SSH. You have to know Pigeon IP address. See nmap section of Ethernet.


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